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NOTICE: Effective June 30, 2015, the Waiting List is currently CLOSED and we will not be processing any new applications for membership at this time. We encourage you to contact us again after the first of the year for the status of our waiting list. 

    Townhouse living offers numerous benfits for an unbelivably low monthly payment.  There are no unexpected extras so often experienced in indivdual home ownership.  Plumbing, heating, electrical repairs, landscape maintenance, snow removal, lawn and shrub care are taken care of for you.  Yet you live in a private home . . . complete with standard kitchen appliances . . . all under a hassle free cooperative plan freeing you from a standard mortgage obligation.

     Charmingly designed an sturdily built, Oakland Square Cooperative townhouses have common exterior walls and roofing; an efficient contruction technique which results in savings evidenced by your amazingly low monthly payments.  Live better for less at Oakland Square Cooperative, Inc.

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